Targeted Inspections and Drone
Roof Inspections

Targeted drone roof inspections by Sussex Drone Surveys will help pinpoint issues so remedial works can be undertaken before damage becomes serious and expensive to repair.

Often the smallest things are the hardest to locate especially on buildings with inaccessible or large roofs . Sussex Drone Surveys can get to the areas that others cannot reach or see and covers Sussex, London, Surrey and Kent


Are you a managing agent or surveyor looking for a drone roof inspection? We can help & bring property management expertise. Sussex, London, Surrey & Kent

Sussex Drone Surveys are quick and affordable. We have 12 years of experience in the property management sector.


A full report from us allows the managing agent to understand the developing issues, obtaining guidance as to what is needed when requesting quotations for work, whilst not falling foul of section 20 legislation.

Sussex Drone Surveys drone roof inspection are cost effective and on average are cheaper and provide more detail than alternatives such as Cherry Pickers and Scaffold.


Targeted Inspection & Drone Roof Inspections

Quick lead time


Detailed report of issues


Cost effective

Sussex Drone Surveys is independent with over a decade of experience in the property management sector. Our drone roof inspection reports are detailed and note concerns and possible areas of interest

Beats getting a cherry picker. Alex is thoroughly recommended.

Pat. Regional Surveying Firm


Sussex Drone


Inspect properties safely, easily and cost effectively.
Drone surveys in and around Sussex as well as Surrey, Kent and London.

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