Commercial Inspections

Targetted Inspection

Often the smallest things are the hardest to find especially on buildings with limited funds or budget.

This property on the South Coast had water ingress into the top bedroom from the roof. A building firm could not diagnose from the ground and it would have cost thousand to get scaffold up the 5 floors from the busy road. The drone survey was quick, affordable and clearly showed a number of issues including slipped tiles, failed mortar on ridge tiles and blocked gutters.

Targeted drone surveys can help pin point issues so remedial works can be carried out effectively 


High resolution images were provided to the agent and qualified builder to assess and quote appropriately. 

Roof Top Condition Reports

The managerial teams of blocks of flats are often keen to get a better perspective of the roof and high level equipment. Roof lines and photo cells require regular checking and maintenance programs, but sometimes you just need to get a better look to assess the covering and consider when it might need repairing or replacing

Highlighted in these images are the storm damaged missing hip tiles, some blocked gutters and a slipped tile or two. The biggest aspect that this inspection highlighted is the dramatic need for external decoration and repairs 


The inspections, in part allowed the property management company to plan and estimate an extensive external decoration scheme. If you would like to discuss aerial inspections on your building, block or premises please get in contact.

Surveying Aids and Home Buyer Reports 

The management  team of this South London block required an external condition report on the building but struggled with access to the roof. 

Sussex Drone Surveys were asked to provide detailed images and report on the general condition of the roof so the the employed surveyor could assess further and provide costing and a detailed specification for repair and improvement.


Responsibility would then be placed on the freeholder to carry out remedial works as per the terms of the lease. 

Examples such as the above are ideal for other surveying tools such as Home Buyers reports  and major works programs