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Thankless slog leads to working for myself

The thankless slog of working in property management is what drove me to rethink my life and career. I sought to combine enjoyment and work that depended on me from beginning to end but with a satisfactory outcome. No chasing my tail. No sense of permanent frustration or even fear that my decisions might have a damaging effect on others. That rethink brought Sussex Drones Surveys into being.

One of the biggest things I struggled with when setting up my business was the new routine:

An average week for me now starts on Sunday evening when I take a look at what I have booked in over the next few days.

I make a list so when I wake up on Monday morning all I have to really think about is coffee and getting as much done as I can before the kids get up.

I check through weather reports, write up risk assessments and make sure I am flying in the appropriate airspace and in accordance with The Civil Aviation Authority. In fact I check anything that could throw a spanner in the works, even the likelihood of being attacked by nesting birds or vengeful seagulls! I then step out in the confident knowledge that I can fly safely and legally. I always have a tiny bit of trepidation but if I’ve covered most of the bases as far as is reasonably practical - it is a good feeling.

After each job I pull together the footage, edit in accordance with the client’s needs and as required in professional editing software before sending it off to the client.

In and around this I also juggle the business aspect of what I do. I work hard on the marketing, finances, and admin emails as they do not come easily to me. Not to mention the school runs and meal time prep.

I always try to keep Fridays free to walk out on the beach or up onto the Downs to get some fresh air. You see that’s the payoff and where the work-life balance really tips in my favour. I do this because I want to and because I can - now.

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