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Storm scenario in insurance market

Hey #propertymanagers

Does this scenario sound familiar...

There's been a storm, or a roof leak, and you have to make a claim on the block insurance.

The insurer come back with the below wording and you freeze.....

"In order for us to proceed further we require the following details:

- Age of the roof and guttering and when it was last maintained

- A contractors report providing opinion of the cause of the damage and condition of the roof prior to the incident"

How many property managers inspect the roofs of their assets? Even if there is a man safe or safety barrier, how many of you go up there? Should you, even if you could?

Much of what I see on a daily basis could be fixed with a yearly inspection with my drone and a good gutter clearance firm but an annual survey on the roof ensures two things; deterioration and concerns are spotted early and hopefully fixed AND it ensures that if a claim is made you can prove the area was adequately checked and maintained.

The benefits to the Agent/RMC/ Leaseholders is that the roof is better maintained, the claim goes through and /or the block remains insured.

In my experience the roof is often overlooked but may be the easiest to consider and check.

Contact Sussex Drone Surveys for more detail on routine roof inspections and how we can help you maintain your building.

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